Business, technical and industry experts share best practices on the latest networking solutions from Cisco.

802.11ac is on fire. And not all Gigabit Wi-Fi solutions are created equal. Watch this on-demand webcast to find out:

  • What led up to the Gigabit Wi-Fi shift
  • What you need to do now to avoid hassles later
  • How you’ll benefit from the transition
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This recording will show you how to solve all of your WAN performance challenges, while also lowering your operating costs.

And, you'll learn about Cisco Performance Routing (PfRv3)—which will be critical as you endeavor to deliver a consistently high-quality end-user experience.

Here's what’s on the agenda:

  • Hybrid WANs
  • Trends driving the adoption of the hybrid WAN
  • The Cisco solution: the intelligent WAN and its primary components
  • PfRv3: new features and how it works
  • Benefits/summary
  • Live Q&A
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You’ll learn everything you need to know about crafty new malware manifestations, as well as:

  • Why you need to secure all three layers of the attack continuum
  • What your new security model should look like
  • Which solutions that you should consider for the job
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You’ll learn about two strategic, yet easy-to-implement approaches to solving IT complexity: automation and convergence. Why? When you converge your wired, wireless and virtual networks, you only have one policy and one network to manage.

Cisco experts will also cover:

  • Why IT simplicity is more critical than ever
  • An overview of network automation and convergence technologies, including use cases
  • Which solutions can help you achieve IT simplicity
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TechWiseTV’s Chief Geek Jimmy Ray Purser and Cisco Identity Services Engine expert Ziad Sarieddine are going to show you how to securely support enterprise mobility with the network.

In about an hour, they’ll cover:

  • Role-based network segmentation to protect assets and contain attacks
  • The use of contextual data in determining access policy
  • Policy enforcement using VLANs, discretionary access control lists (DACLs) and security group tags
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You’ll find out how the Cisco Network Optimization Service can help you expertly navigate through a choppy sea of IT change, as well as how to:

  • Do more and do it better
  • Reduce network downtime and risk
  • Improve your team’s knowledge and keep skills up-to-date
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You’ll learn about what the end of support for Windows Server 2003 means for security and compliance. The webcast also covers the benefits of switching to Cisco UCS when migrating from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2012 R2.

Cisco experts will also provide insights on:

  • How to improve compliance, security and reliability with Cisco UCS
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 enterprise-class data center and hybrid cloud
  • Configuring computing, networking, storage and hypervisors
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The E-rate modernization funding cap has been raised to $3.9 billion for IT improvements. Funds For Learning CEO John Harrington leads E-rate experts in a discussion on how low-income schools can file for new federal funding.

This webcast presents details on:

  • Funding eligibility for both schools and libraries
  • Discounts for Internet and infrastructure improvements
  • Speeding deployment of IT services and basic maintenance
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It’s time to make the meeting a more productive use of everyone’s time. It’s time to give people new ways to connect and share data via audio and video. It’s time to take credit for being the one to make this happen.

Get started. Register to watch the on-demand Cisco “Meet Your Way” webcast and you’ll learn:

  • Tips and tricks for getting more from WebEx
  • How Cisco CMR gives people the freedom to meet from anywhere, on any device
  • How these solutions can grow with your company
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Has responding to network crises and security issues become a routine? Networks are becoming increasingly complex to accommodate growing demands from the cloud, big data, social and mobile. Implementing a proactive approach to change management will be critical to your success.

Join Cisco Services experts at the next Smart Talk session to discuss:

  • Reducing risk associated with changes in the network
  • Enabling your business to be faster and more agile in adopting change
  • Minimizing outages and improving reliability for better customer experience
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You’ll learn how Cisco's ASA with FirePOWER Services provides multiple layers of protection across the entire attack continuum – before during and after an attack. Why? When you use this NGFW, you can get peace of mind through one integrated solution.

Cisco experts will also cover:

  • Why better network protection is more critical than ever due to advanced threats
  • How Cisco's ASA with FirePOWER Services delivers the industry's first threat-focused NGFW
  • How you can reduce operating costs and complexity
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