As part of our ongoing philosophy of ‘VT Cloud’, Venture Technologies, Inc. has adopted a performance culture to support our core values as outlined below. These values are intended to support our quest for excellence and growth and promote wealth creation for all. All employees are expected to apply these values in their daily working relationships with people of all cultures and customs and towards the environment in which they live and work.

Venture Technologies Benefits

  • Competitive compensation including incentive bonus or commission, paid monthly for the majority of positions
  • Ongoing learning – company paid training and certifications
  • Beginning with year one of employment, sixteen days of paid time off (PTO)
  • Ten paid holidays throughout the year, including Veteran’s Day to honor those who serve our country
  • 401(k) with discretionary annual company match
  • 100% of medical/dental/vision insurance premiums paid for employees and partial contribution for dependent coverage
  • Access to employee-paid Accident, Cancer, Hospital and short-term disability insurance policies
  • Supplemental Life Insurance offerings, including free will preparation and travel assistance with identity theft protection
  • Referral Bonus Program
  • Wellness Program including On-Site gyms
  • Fully stocked coffee / tea bar
  • We equip you to do your job without personal out of pocket expenses, providing a company car pool, expense cards, laptops, iPhones, etc.

Careers With Venture Technologies

Venture Technologies is always looking for the absolute best engineers, project managers, account managers and other technology professionals available anywhere. It’s the combination of exceptional talent and personalized service, focusing on the customer, which has made Venture Technologies the most trusted source for the design, implementation and ongoing support of a broad portfolio of advanced technology solutions. If you have the skills, credential talent and the “focus on the customer” belief, we would love to hear from you.


When you can show thoughtfulness and consideration for somebody or something and when others have a feeling or attitude of admiration and high opinion towards you.

Show respect toward your work ethic and work obligations by:

  • Considering all parties when making a decision
  • Treating people professionally, respectfully and in accordance with applicable law
  • Behaving in such a way that you earn the respect of others


The confidence in and reliance on qualities such as fairness, truth and honor.

The responsibility you take upon yourself or the confidence / faith others place on you to care for others (business obligations, people and planet).

Show that you are trustworthy by:

  • Consistently and diligently doing what is required from you on a daily basis
  • Giving other people the confidence that they can rely on you to do the right thing
  • Believing in the inherent good of people and their ability to be trustworthy


The quality of being fair, just, truthful and morally upright.

A genuineness and trustworthiness characterized by sincerity.

Show that you are honest by:

  • Taking responsibility for your own behavior, capabilities and performance
  • Always telling the truth and giving fair, timely and unbiased feedback
  • Setting realistic goals and giving real time and “as is” feedback


The quality of possessing and consistently adhering to high moral principles and professional standards.

Show that you have integrity by:

  • Making the right decisions regardless of the situation
  • Not compromising values and principles
  • Being reliable and consistent – guided by values and principles
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